The Faces of Mexico

When I speak about Mexico, I speak about the culture: The traditions, colors, flavors. And when I speak about Mexico, I speak about who many of us are lacking in culture. However, luckily Mexico is learning to wake up.

Most of the time I feel like a positive part of my country and I believe in the power of taking responsibility for what is mine and don’t believe in the misconception that what happens outside my house does not concern me.

With regard to recent political events, I can see the different viewpoints, discussions, and other movements in motion with Mexico’s young people, showing me that something is starting. A beginning that will lead to something else,  maybe something that won’t be what we expect, but certainly the fact that we’re breaking away from the same path we’ve always followed will result in a difference in our political history.

I had the opportunity to live abroad for a year and not a day passed when I didn’t miss my home. I missed my family, the warmth and the food, of course… all those things that I love about Mexico, the things that are Mexico. But I didn’t miss the lack of interest at home around issues like sustainability, education and art.

I take responsibility for my part in what is needed in Mexico. We need more than just political change, we need to make a change in our values as a society and that’s something that is not only in the hands of our next president.

Written by Lindsey Villaseñor for Caras de México. Click here to read more articles examining Mexican identity.