About "Caras de Mexico"

The “Caras de Mexico” project/social experiment was created in response to the ongoing and heated debate surrounding the national identity in the run-up to the September Fiestas Patrias (Independence Day celebrations), the decision from the IFE (Federal Elections Institute) on the validity of the presidential elections in favor of the PRI, the narco-violence of the day and the rapturous win of the national football team at the London Olympics.

How do we define Mexico? There is no one answer. We are a nation divided and united by a long and tumultuous history and a future that will be defined by our ability to protect our culture, maintain the importance of family networks, our response to the growing drug trade and resulting violence and the newly politicized youth.

“Caras de Mexico” is a result of a collaborative, creative effort that examines and communicates the many faces of Mexico today. The social experiment our concept of the Mexican identity; celebrate our differences; confront our shortcomings and contribute to the growing national dialogue.

From September 1st to 30th, Mijo! Brands in conjunction with the City of Puerto Vallarta, Vallarta Opina and several photographers and artists will hold several events throughout our destination.

The experiment invites artists, writers, photographers and the general public to share their experience through a Mobile that will cover the central areas of Puerto Vallarta and will be asking “What is Mexico?” to all who decide to participate in “Caras de Mexico”.

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