My Mexico: Beautiful and Beloved

When I think of the meaning of Mexico, so many things come to mind. Not just the symbols of our nation, like the Mexican flag or anthem, but things further and deeper: A land of history, traditions, values and vices.

Mexico has had a painful history but the time to mourn is finished and now we need to generate actions that will improve the social, economic and political climate of our country. The facts tell us that we can not continue moving at a lethargic and apathetic pace.

We are a developing country that still struggles with corruption, insecurity, violence, and neglect. We take pride in the obvious, a good medal in soccer for example, but what if more than just a few Mexicans strove for excellence?

If we really committed ourselves to the benefit of our country, we could achieve unimaginable things. Not just a fleeting promise but a true lifelong commitment to change our attitude, truly see the natural wonders around us and fight to protect and better Mexico.

It is true that the government has a lot to do with the state of Mexico but even they are not 100% responsible, we need to accept our part and we have a right and an obligation to demand results from our leaders.

It’s time to get to work, start working from the trenches and not complain all the time. If we are awareness of our actions everyday we can achieve impressive progress. We can shape a better Mexico, where we can live in peace, satisfaction, pride, take risks without fear and are not overwhelmed by the rich or the powerful. If everyone takes part, regardless if you are a housewife, secretary, assistant, nurse, soccer player, designer, strategist, manager, police officer, politician, always strive to be committed to excellence.

At home we can begin working with our children by attending to their needs, recognizing the importance of the education and producing well-educated men and women to be honest professionals, free to exercise their rights.  It’s a big task, but if everyone takes part, just imagine the difference we could make.

We should work hard for a Mexico, a privileged place given to us by nature. We have natural resources still remaining, human resources with our warm and honest people, mineral resources, raw materials... we are a rich country.

It is not a time to be pessimistic. It is a time for action. It is time to show that in Mexico has the guts to cope with our problems, change our history and our lives. It is the only way to empowerment, to join in the national fight to create the best possible Mexico.

I believe in Mexico and its people. Do you?

Written by Elidee Hernández for Caras de Mexico. Click here to read more articles examining Mexican identity.