Interview with Thierry Blouet

What is your hometown?
I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to a Paris-born father and a Nice-born mother, but with a Mexican heart.

What is Mexico for you?
Mexico to me is everything! It's my life, my passion, my dream, my family, my wife, my children, my business. It is the most comprehensive, fun and interesting place in the world!

What do you say when you talk about Mexico?
That it’s a great country, a country with magic and mysticism, where people live and work with their hearts and their hands, a great culture spanning different stages of history, since before the arrival of the Spanish and then the joining of Spanish culture with the Indigenous culture. I talk about the extraordinary people! Their smiles, their dedication to life, their way of living life daily. I'm talk about a country with cheerful colored tiles everywhere you turn! A vibrant country! A country with a great culture that permeates through its people and everything they do! A country of great creativity, with lots of love, lots of passion! A country with art, with a super interesting cuisine created from the amazing diversity of products, a country rich in ingredients with lots to discover and explore, a country that needs to be discovered, learnt and enjoyed... A country with a great gift from God !

What we need to understand and / or change as Mexicans?
As Mexicans we have to understand that we are the best! If we honestly work together for the benefit of all and not just the benefit of one, we can do anything! The magical essence already exists... and this is the most difficult thing to achieve!

We must understand that we have a beautiful country and a unique product and not be afraid to promote it and compare it against other countries. Do not disregard the incredible wealth that this country has. We must appreciate and understand the magic of Mexico, promote it internally and then promote it worldwide.

We must work together to bring this country really up to another level, we must move in the same direction.  For me, this would be a radical change for a country that has it all and just needs the support of its people to achieve greatness.

What is it that captures / reflects Mexican identity?
Mexican identity is unique... happiness, creativity and mysticism. The magic, spontaneity and skill that exist here separate it from other places in the world where everything is so systematic and organized.

What do you think we have learned and / or exceeded in recent history?
That we are a unique country, we can get ahead and be one of the leading countries of the world. We also learned that we have a great identity that we should not change for others.  And we must realize that we are a country that has everything that has an essence that we carry within our hearts. We have to work hard and to move forward together and magnify Mexico...

Which do you think is the biggest challenge for Mexico as a country?
The biggest challenge is getting everyone to agree to be growing in the same direction! And not out for singular benefit..... to work for Mexico first so that all Mexicans are proud of their country and then the world will follow.  Another important challenge is to find peace and eliminate violence radically.  Mexico is a country of peace and not of war, and it is urgent that the country and its people can feel this peace and find a balance toward spirituality to all. And I have faith that together we will succeed.

What made you turn to Mexico and see it as a place of residence?
After living in almost all continents and in different countries, I came to Mexico with my parents as a child and I loved it ... and I could never go away ... it felt like the land of my birth. To me, it is a very inspiring place and from the first day that stepped in Mexico, I fell in love.

How long have you been in Mexico? Why did you stay?
I have spent 35 years in Mexico ... I don’t want to go somewhere else; I love the food, the richness of its ingredients and its people.  And even now that it is a country with more violence, I am part of this country my love for Mexico hasn’t changed! We must help Mexico.

If I ever return to your country of origin, what would you miss most about Mexico?
The people, the joy, magic, mysticism, culture, the spontaneity, living in the moment, the cuisine, the scenery, the weather, humor, color, beauty... Everything!

Interview with Thierry Blouet for Caras de México. Click here to read more interviews examining Mexican identity.