Interview with Herman Borbolla

Herman Borbolla was born in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, and has been living in London, England for two years. In this brief interview, he invites us to reflect on Mexican identity.

What is Mexico for you?
Mexico is a battered woman and we are her lover and abuser at the same time.  She has learned to live with all of her problems and still smile and enjoy life hoping that tomorrow will be better.

What is your hometown?
Chiapas, Mexico.

How long have you lived abroad?
Two years.

What caused you to leave Mexico?
To explore other societies and ways of life.

What do you say when you talk about Mexico?
I talk about what people do not know; its vast natural resources, economic growth, the different regional cultures and the biodiversity, our legends and beliefs.

What do you miss most about Mexico?
The quality of life.

What is that which reflects the Mexican identity?
The mentality of "after a while" or we’ll get to it tomorrow.

Compared to the country where you live, what is the best and worst of Mexico?
The best of Mexico is that we appreciate all the things in life that make us happy. The worst is still the dominated mentality, so many years of conquest and abused power that affects Mexicans in how we see and do things.

What is the biggest challenge for Mexico as a country?
Learning to be honest and develop a sense of community.

What have we learned and/or exceeded in recent history?
Nothing.  As Mexicans, we do not know our own history, which makes it hard to learn from past mistakes and we continue to trip over the same stones.

Describe the best Mexican dish:
Chiles en Nogada, the intense of flavor, sweet and tart in every bite.

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