Travelling is a Lifestyle

Showing me similarities in the order of life between the two countries, the skips around Mexico have been nothing less than a dream, always reminding me that we can be whatever we want to be.

Mexico has been a welcome, cerebral and perspective inducing venture, and a land of great hot seduction, thoughts, and dreams. Views from cliff side eateries at magical parties, or high on a mountain, the most serene and most lush exciting vistas yet have shown natures greatness from open terraces. Rides through the country have taken me to sun scorched farms and rainbow covered highways. Life in Mexico has not been a reluctant culture shock, but has been more like Ohio than is still even presently apparent.

Ventures with businesses, alongside my partner, have come and gone sometimes as quick as a morning’s romp. We have had failures in prospects that have lasted a week, others that lasted for a summer and still others that can’t be counted one way or the other.

I have still eaten fast food after working out. I have thrown out burnt new kitchen creations and ugly paint by numbers in frustration.

The appeal of the new ways of living while in PV have always drawn me to stay longer, explore one more time, and return to a bay filled with a peace incomparable to that in other places.

Lessons in personal growth have not been in gaining my doctorate or campaigning for the band’s next performance. Recording and reporting have always been the appealing means of creating art and lead to a passion to record and design a style of creativity and art that plays on the strings to pursue passions that lie in my love of travelling and writing. The art of life is something to reach out for, and to enjoy the true fruits of life it is something to surprise and accept, every season.

Like a manager of my own hotel, I have looked over my partners’ journey as a sort of counsel, judge, and operator in the mixed adventures presented.

Unguarded vacations and sordid adventures on a land so sweetly alive in the times are grasped in my mind’s eye like the best of the chosen fruits.

Written by Dustin Fairchild for Caras de México. Click here to read more articles examining Mexican identity.